Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Eliminating Time from the Space-Time Contiuum

While observing the skies and pondering the mechanics of gravity I believe I answered a question, at least in my own mind, as to how things something like Anti-Gravity or traveling to the stars could work. I realized that things that we observe happen over time and if you could remove time from the equation however everything would appear to happen instantaneously. Two observations I made from the lounge chair in my backyard were how gravity held me to the chair and how long an airplane overhead took to cross the sky. If I was able to step outside the space-time continuum gravity would have no effect. I could push up from my chair, go right to the moon or go right to my computer chair upstairs. You see, while outside this continuum you mitigate all of the bearing factors. For example, anything that happens "over time" such being held down by gravity, or the plane traveling. While outside the continuum the plane would effectively be at it's destination instantaneously because there is no travel time. I'm no scientist but to me this makes sense and it answers a question as to how a ship could travel vast distances in space without affecting the timeline it lives in. Einstein would have you believe that time slows down as you approach the speed of light. It never stops completely and it never stops for everyone else. This causes a major problem using light speed of FTL travel in general. Everyone else ages at an incredible rate, so much that the travelers wouldn't be part of a society because they can't carry on meaningful relationships with those they left behind or those they go to visit. Stepping outside the time continuum allows the travelers to go and comeback instantly, or to travel back and forth at least instantly. In fact it would take no time at all to travel anywhere in the universe and the only time lost would be the actual time spend once the continuum is re-entered. Accomplishing this task is beyond the scope of my mind but I can relate it to our state consciousness. For me, when I spend sleeping at night is not perceivable. To me it seems like I've skipped that time between when I go to bed and when I awake. To me that's a reasonable example of what it would be like. It's possible that this could only happen through states of consciousness and it makes me think of the term "bending space and time with your mind" which is a concept that I don't fully understand. Sorry I haven't fully thought out this article just wanted to get the thoughts down on paper.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


I'm very excited. I purchased my first real telescope and will be receiving it next week sometime. I am about have the honor of calling myself an amateur astronomer. It's a 12" dobsonian telescope. Hoping that it kicks ass. What should I see first? Jupiter and Venus are super close together at this point. I love seeing Jupiter and it could be my first stop.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Legality of UFO Technology

If UFO Anti-Gravity, or Free Energy technology existed on Earth, it would be highly illegal. The reason for this is that the knowledge of the technology, if learned, would destabilize society. After all, forget the implications of what free energy would do to the economy. Every product, business, lifestyle is somehow dependent on fossil fuels. Taking it out of the picture would be devastating to society. But that's a whole story on it's own. Instead just think what having anti-gravity devices would do society. Roads would be obsolete. The skies would be chaos. You couldn't limit where people could go. Property couldn't be protected. Imagine what it looked on the fictional Star Wars planet of Coruscant (pictured.) Our cities just haven't been built for this type living. Think of prison yards, rooftops on banks and stores. Fences would be meaningless. Conspiracy theory or not it's clear that the government couldn't let the free energy or anti-gravity tech exist in the hands of the public. Not for a thousand years without slow incremental changes.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Disclosure Petition II

The Paradigm Research Group has launched a new White House Petition that closely follows up on the semi-successful Disclosure Petition that was addressed by the Obama Administration. The new petition directly looks to have the Obama Administration investigate the efforts of the "the Rockefeller Initiative", a disclosure initiative that was undertaken by Laurance Rockefeller during the Bill Clinton administration. Documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act indicate that Rockerfeller was successful in orchestrating meetings and continued correspondence with government officials in the Clinton Administration about the effort.

The new petition is located here:


In a fascinating new one hour interview, Steve Bassett of the Paradigm Research Group, spoke candidly with Roxy Lopez of thetruthdenied.com

Ms. Lopez asked Mr. Bassett "What makes this big picture so important to have disclosure?" which he responded with a fascinating vision of the future with or without disclosure:

"It probably is the difference between a 21st century being the century of reform, the century of advancement and sustainability. A complete reassessment, realigning of human need in relation to the planet, plus the extraordinary unfolding to the galaxy itself, learning we're not alone, learning other civilizations engaging us and all of that entails or on the other hand a 21st century that becomes a nightmare beyond anything anyone living can possibly conjure. An awful time. So awful that people will beg to depart this mortal coil. The potential for calamity in the century is just indescribable. There's so much waiting to happen, so much promise. That's what's at stake."

Learn more about this disclosure effort by visiting The Disclosure Petition II.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Petition

What should the next petition be? What if it were something like this?

We the people would like to know how the United States government is preparing to defend the United States against an blind-side attack (like 9/11) from an alien force that could be stronger than the United States Military.

This petition leaves creates interesting paradoxical "die if you do die if you don't" situation.

On one hand, preparing for an alien attack would clearly indicate that the United States acknowledges the possibility of ET presence in space.

On the other hand, not preparing (having a civil defense plane) in the light of 9/11 shows that we could be failed by a near sighted government.

Would you want to know if the government is prepared for an un-earthly attack?

Monday, December 26, 2011

Amazing Quote from Elliot Gould

"Any society whether it be capitalist, communist, totalitarian, or freely democratic is doomed to failure and extinction if it's based on deceit and lies and secrecy.  Just like what happened to the old Soviet Union. I for one can't in good conscience sit back and allow or tolerate falsified history books, governmental coverups and international conspiracies to continue without question. I feel we have planted a seed of questioning to begin to set the record straight...."- Elliot Gould

Monday, December 19, 2011


I'm telling you they're getting us ready. How freaking blatant! As it turns out this is a military drone prototype. I betcha it fetches speeds that are ATS.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Crop Circles - Most Are Undeniably Real.

Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. There is GOOD out there. We OPose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING

Go to 1:02:25 if you don't have time to watch this great video. You will see where this message comes from.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Two New White House Petitions

Please sign these new White House petitions ASAP. They're currently on track to fail because they need about 800 votes on average a day to pass. Currently they're way behind however the numbers can grow if they're supported correctly on the popular social networks.

View and sign here:

Demand a full congressional investigation of UFO/ET Disclosure efforts by the Clinton OSTP - the Rockefeller Initiative.

Investigate Unidentified Aerial Phenomena as Reported by Citizens, Police, Astronauts, Pilots and the Military.
How's this guy for a credible witness?

Monday, November 28, 2011

UFO Disclosure and Awakening Already Underway

For better or for worse the American public is being made aware of the real possibility that UFO's exist.  It's happening in the media all the time.

The reason for this is that disclosure is already taking place and these videos are designed to start preparing everyone for it once it comes from undeniable sources. As you will notice, the media is beginning to interview "credible" professionals that state very well known information in Ufology. Information that has been ridiculed in the media and mainstream science since the 1950's.

This disclosure is happening now in order to desensitize the public to it as a concept. This is very similar to way that homosexuality, which was once a very taboo subject has become accepted in the public eye. Homosexuality was ridiculed and looked down upon by many because the proper values they were raised on did not include such "unorthodox" ideas. Then we started to get used to the idea that we are a changing society. That not everyone had the same sexual orientation but they were still people that deserved the right to be free and open about their lives. To live without being ridiculed or looked down upon or discriminated against. For them it became time to stop feeling ashamed or living a secret life. The whole concept of being homosexual opened up and gained mainstream acceptance. Today homosexuality is not looked upon with the same eyes at all. Instead it's in the final stages of mainstream acceptance, with such examples as states allowing same sex marriages and prime time television utilizing homosexual characters and themes.

This same process is now happening with the mainstream awareness of the existence of UFO's and contact with extra terrestrials. Governments and mainstream media outfits are racing against time because sooner than later we're going to be presented with undeniable proof. These entities don't want to get caught with their proverbial pants down when the cat is out of the bag but they can only get this information pumped out to the public so quickly - at least without creating too much public tension. This proof could come in the form of a formal visit, alien invasion or more likely through the release of above top secret documents. I theorize that this information is already in the hands of an organization that will eventually disclose it much the same way that Wikileaks has already disclosed secret documents under cablegate. It seems however that they're waiting impatiently for the time to be right. If it's released before we're ready then there could be mass hysteria and confusion. But if we're fairly prepared mentally it will be much easier to accept and deal with. This evidence disclosure could happen within the next 2 -3 years as more and more sightings occur and more credible witnesses come forth.

So we'll continue to see these types of news clips, shows on Discovery Channel, History Channel as part of the disclosure and awareness process. Specials documentaries like "The Thrive Movement" (www.thrivemovement.com) , and other shows on UFOTV.com, YouTube and more. The most clever part of this process (and it is a process) is that most of the shows encourage the viewer to use their own intelligence to decide about the legitimacy of the claims even though the evidence is presented strongly.

So if it's that simple, why not just say "well they exist, here they are" you may ask. Imagine the far reaching implications of the terror attacks on 9/11. On that day none of us could have seen how much the world would have changed today. We can't even begin to imagine what conclusions will be made once the information is known. New conclusions based on other conclusions very quickly grows exponentially beyond comprehension at our current state of awareness. For example, many in the UFO circles believe that Free Energy exists and that we have potential to create devices that run on it. But I wonder do these same many realize that the far reaching implications of free energy? Free energy when applied to a weapon could  mean that you have an unlimited energy weapon. It could be possible to create a "free energy bomb" that could destroy the whole Earth,  the galaxy or even the universe? We just can't see the far reaching implications. Much in the same way we couldn't see how the invention of the internet many years ago could eventually lead to operation "Arab Spring" and bring down tyrannical governments around the world. Somewhere in between we invented email and AOL, AIM and Facebook, Twitter and text messaging. All small steps along the way in the  proliferation of progress.

In my opinion that's the reason for all the secrecy over the past 70 years. This fortunately - or unfortunately (depending on how you look at it) time is drawing near where we'll have to put on a new set of glasses and start looking towards a whole new set of possibilities and implications. As more and more high quality cameras end up in the hands of the many and as social networks pass the one billion connected mark, our progression towards a fully aware society will gain more and more speed. We're on a train bound headlong into a dark tunnel - that when it emerges could be in a future that is more intense than any science fiction movie or book could have ever imagined.  Ready or not here we go!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The World Changes on a Dime

The world was profoundly changed through the course of single events many times throughout history. For example, 9/11/01. This world, was different the the day before 9/11/01 than it is today. I still think back and can't believe that happened. It was so unlikely, so profound most people like myself wouldn't have ever guessed that event could happen and the world would change so drastically.

I keep imagining, that the same type of change could happen tomorrow if we are openly visited by an extra-terrestrial race. If a visiting alien civilization openly made itself seen and was acknowledged by the mainstream media (and government) the world would change one million percent. It could be the most enlightening change in human history. Within a week any one of us could be visiting stars billions of miles away. Likewise it could be the start of an intergalactic war or invasion of catastrophic proportions.

In either case, the world would change instantly. Everything we know would be different in every way. Everything you think is important today may be meaningless tomorrow.

The lessons learned from the past should teach us about this universal fluid dynamic. We should be prepared for change. The government shouldn't stand by and say that extra terrestrials don't exist. Whether they do or don't the government should be frank and say "we just don't know." In fact there should be a plan developed for what to do if and when they arrive. We should have an exopolitical policy in place. Appointed ambassadors and the common preparedness for such an event. In the 70's and 80's we were prepared for nuclear war in school via civil drills. Why not give more credence to the "unknown" possibility, and prepare in advance?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

UFO Timeline

Here's a recent project I started. The UFO Timeline at Tiki Toki. Anyone that wants to help, drop me a line.

From Skeptic to Believer


A very familiar sounding story that reinforces my feelings.